A Fun Event For Advisors During The Pandemic:
A Virtual Cooking Class With An Award-Winning Chef

As part of the AP Thought Leader Summit, Advisor Perspectives has arranged a finale for its virtual event: a live cooking session with Marc Forgione, one of the famed Iron Chefs on the Food Network, at 6 pm ET on October 7.

For advisors

The 60-minute cooking session beginning at 6 p.m. ET on October 7 will feature Marc cooking one of his signature dishes with our audience. It's a free benefit we are offering to all our readers. Cook along with a famous chef! To make it more interactive and fun for advisors, you'll be able to ask questions during the event. Also, our readers can register their clients and friends, too!

Click here to register to attend the Marc Forgione cooking session.

For sponsors

This is a great chance to be part of the AP Thought Leader Summit by sponsoring a virtual cooking class that is sure to be fun for all. As a sponsor, you get:

• The opportunity to open and close the cooking session, which will be broadcast on Zoom.

• An option for you to select a group of attendees who can ask questions of Marc during the presentation.

• At least 3,000 names and emails of registrants from the conference, with enhanced Discovery Database demographics.

• Your clickable logo featured on the conference registration page.

• Your clickable logo featured in footer on promotional emails.

• Your clickable logo and additional information featured on conference landing page.

For more information, click here!