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Join a Small Discussion Group to connect with experts and other likeminded advisors! These virtual meetings are a free benefit of being an AP reader.

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Here Comes the PEP

Advisors: Keep your 401(k) book.

The 401(k) Plan Company is providing advisors unparalleled collaborative potential to stand up a unified pooled plan for employers and employees that can be run from any of the 50 states. Run your relationships your way, and keep your clients as your own.

- Learn from AB, Blackrock, DWS, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Ivy, Harbor, Putnam and other premier money managers what the opportunities are.

- Learn why R&D recovery can lead to more plan takeovers, plan startups with the highest closing ratios for you.

- Learn why this is "the" place to take your next prospect, as opposed to your existing book, so that you can evaluate the experience and see first hand how 401(k) has truly evolved.

Built by advisors for advisors, The 401(k) Plan Company provides advisors, employers, participants the only true end-to-end logic in the state plan era. Its vision is to connect and align financial services providers across the nation in better service to employers and plan participants through artificial intelligence. The 401(k) Plan Company makes advisors better, it does not replace them and gives them choice and local control of an employer relationship.


Date of Event: November 12, 2020

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Advisor Perspectives is pleased to introduce Small Discussion Groups (SDGs), a new way to connect with advisors! Although not part of the AP Thought Leader Summit 2020, your SDG will be promoted at this premier virtual event with 3,000 registrants.

How does an SDG work?

An SDG is an interactive virtual meeting hosted by your firm with highly engaged advisors from the AP audience. Your firm selects experts for the meeting who speak and answer questions on a topic that appeals to the kind of advisor you want to reach. You organize and run the meeting at a time you choose using Zoom of other virtual meeting technology.

AP promotes your topic on our website and newsletters to our financial advisor audience and provide you with at least 25 leads of qualified advisors who have applied to be part of your discussion. You invite attendees of your choosing. Host one meeting a month or a series throughout the year!

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